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Sep. 4th, 2002

  • 8:47 AM

Well Kyle came on Monday night. He picked me up after I got done finishing at my mom's school. I showed him around Franklin for awhile and then I tried to show him my school and Somerville but I got lost like a million times!! In my own town! I was so embarassed, but he was awesome about it, he just made it like a big joke. Then we went to the classic Jersey diner and we got seated behind two bald gay guys. One was talking about how he shaved his head and that one day at work he went into work with a shirt that said 'bad hair day' He then went on to say that-'you have to be bold to be beautiful' They were both wearing tight faded jeans and black shirts. They looked like twins. One of the jukeboxes was playing 'My Guy' and one of them said 'This is your song to me right?' Haha it was good times.
Kyle and I played some songs on the jukeboxes, showed eachother pictures and talked and ate breakfast food at 9 at night. Always fun. :)
Then we walked around my Kmart but they kicked us out cause it was closing so then we walked around the shopping center and went by the closed down movie theatre, and this weird car kept circling. I think they were looking for drugs. haha...
So anyways then Kyle dropped me off and the next morning at around 11 he picked me up again(after I had finished some summer work) Then we picked up mike and did various things. We ate at another diner, went to wallmart and borders, tried to find thrift stores, got lost, got to a thrift store half an hour before it closed. Got lost in the ghetto, ate at a kennedy (yes, kennedy not kentucky) fried chicken. It was quite ghetto. Kyle left around 6 30..it was sad. :( I have a pic of him now tho, doing his rodeo clowning.
School starts tomorrow..blah.
I'm working on summer stuff this morning and then later I'm gonna hang out with Sal and then go to the mall with Lizbeth to pick up random things.
Ahh...my computer's still not working, so my mom's laptop is the weapon of choice.
Well I hope you all are doing well.

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